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IT Support&Consulting offers a wide range of services in selection, installation, configuration and maintenance of computers, servers, networks and equipment, as well as operating systems and software.

Our mission is to ensure smooth and efficient work of IT service in your company.

We provide the best service guarantee with:

  • Efficiency
  • Favorable prices
  • Strict adherence to timing
  • High level of professionalism

We supply our customers - startups, small and medium-sized companies - with IT development services and complete system integration assistance, saving the company an additional staff unit of system administrator.

IT Support&Consulting was founded 3 years ago by engineer George Fedchanka, who has a profound knowledge and experience in both: technical engineering and managerial skills. He has two bachelor`s degrees: as a networking engineer and MBA, together with 15 years of experience in IT environment and system integration.

IT Support&Consulting has a background of 150 successful projects, with dozens of grateful customers.

Our services

IT-outsourcing maintenance of servers, computers and networks, software and retail stores support

Enterprise network and  equipment have a tremendous impact on actual business productivity. The staff performs their routine due to non-stop work of a properly configured hardware and software.The stability of the IT infrastructure forms the foundation of the smooth personnel operation and rapid interaction, and hence the growth and efficiency of your business. Failure of the local system or server can paralyze the work of the whole team. Complex technologies administration and support are among the main challenges organizations face on their path to growth. Timely preventive maintenance and servicing will help to avoid technical problems in the future.

It is not economically feasible to comprise a highly qualified professional employee to supervise IT-administrationin small and medium-sized businesses. Thus it is highly reasonable to entrust the control of IT-infrastructure to the reliable outsourcing company.

Delegating the comprehensive IT service to the  ITSupport&Consulting  experts, your company will be able to focus on achieving the highest business goals. From now on the graduated engineers will undertake the technical support of the office infrastructure.

ITSupport&Consulting  provides a full range of IT-services, starting with equipment troubleshooting and servers and networks setup, to building a complete computer infrastructure. The experts will help you to choose and install the necessary programs, optimize the network performance, take care of the data security on your request.

The specialists of "IT-TELE.COM" maintain:

  • Servers and software
  • Computer networks and network equipment
  • Office personal computers
  • Commercial equipment

Turnkey Offices

Service in high demand - creation of IT-infrastructure from the ground up to "Turnkey". If you need to equip an office for the staff, feel free to contact us. Chasing your needs and wishes, we are to establish the complete IT-network, hardware and peripherals. You will receive a fully configured workstations with installed software, the tuned-up network and ready for the office equipment. We will help you to:

  1. Project the IT-infrastructure based on the number of employees and their specific job
  2. Select the hardware suppliers and purchase the equipment
  3. Configure the network and servers
  4. Prepare the workstations and office appliances to the non-stop duty
  5. Configure the mail, establish data protection, install the necessary software
  6. Your employees will arrive at the new office to perform their duties right away.

An illustrative list of office equipment: a router, switch, access points, servers, workstations, network printers, multifunction devices.

We are here to create a complete IT-infrastructure with the best solutions, guided by your business performance.

Setting up networks and servers

Having extensive experience in configuring networks and servers, our specialists deal only with the proven, reliable technology. The role and functions of the server follow the business functions and the organization demands scale. The Networks and the server are set due to the specific characteristics of your organization, hierarchy and duties of the staff.

We will help you to:

  • Set the server interaction and working computers
  • Configure the network equipment (switches, routers, print servers)
  • Connect a printer, scanner, any other device
  • Set the main service to the network
  • Ensure Network Security
  • Set access to network resources, and worldwide network
  • Configure e-mail and spam protection
  • Establish business applications, office and special software

We provide effective interaction of the computers and devices in your office, contributing to the fruitful work of the staff.

Prevention and maintenance

Preventive maintenance is needed for both: hardware components and software. Therefore, regular visits of our expert to test potential problems, as well as to upgrade the computer hardware, operating systems and programs will make your routine run smoothly and non-stop. The provided computer service allows our customers to avoid the degradation of the overall performance, data damage or loss.

We will help you to:

  • Check the operating system and software and eliminate the error occurrence
  • Install updates and new versions of software and operating systems
  • Migrate your data to the new version of the operating system
  • Set up backup and data protection
  • Test the effectiveness of the IT-infrastructure
  • Advise on service and equipment and software modernization
  • Components replacement
  • Provide reports on the use of networks for the management
  • Optimize the hardware equipment and computer networks

We provide reliable operation of the IT systems,  networks and software in your company.

Operational Problems Solution

If your company faces the difficulties in hardware, software or network performance, you will always get quick help and advice. The specialist will arrive at your office promptly on your call to solve the problems and help with any time-consuming tasks. Hourly payment is $ 50,  minimum order is 2 hours.

We will help you to:

  • Arrive promptly to the customer to solve the problem
  • Diagnose and identify the roots that led to the breakdown or instability
  • Restore the networks and equipment
  • Resume work programs run and operating systems
  • Replace defective components
  • Get rid of malicious programs
  • Recover data-loss
  • Set the operation of the service and software
  • Consult you about the problems
  • Take preventive measures to avoid similar problems in the future
  • Your employees will be able to immediately resume their work

We provide fast elimination of the possible networks, computers and programs breakdown, resuming the smooth operation of your office.